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If you are locked out call 281-397-3703.

Ilegal Lockouts

When can my landlord lock me out?

Your landlord can lock you out of your residence for the following reasons ONLY

(no matter what your lease says):•

Late on rent

– If you are late in paying any part of the rent, even if you made a partial payment.•

Emergency or repairs

– If a lockout is necessary because of an emergency or for construction or repairs.•

Abandoned the dwelling

– Read your lease. Although there is no clear definition, “abandonment”

is based upon the tenant's intent, not the landlord's desires.

If you’re current on rent, the property can’t be deemed abandoned, even if you’re not staying there. If you’re behind in rent, haven’t occupied the dwelling for 5

consecutive days, and most of your belongings are gone, your dwelling might be considered ‘ abandoned’ and you run the risk of being locked out. If you’re in the process of moving, it’s better to move out all at once or keep your landlord informed if you intend to return to finish moving.

If your apartment complex receives tax credits (a federal subsidy) you can’t be locked out except in cases of emergency, repairs or construction. If you are

in the military and your rent is under $1,200 per month, your landlord can’t lock you out without court permission.


A lockout is NOT an alternative to an eviction, which requires a court proceeding.

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If you are locked out call 281-397-3703.

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