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Stop Eviction - Stall Eviction - End Eviction - File an Appeal - File an Answer - Ask for a Continuance
*Use the same forms that attorneys are using to keep their clients in their homes during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Here's the 7-Step Eviction Process

  1. Landlord gives you a 3-Day or 30-Day Notice to Vacate.

  2. Landlord files an Unlawful Detainer Lawsuit against you in the local Justice of the Peace Court.

  3. Constable serves you a Citation to appear and answer the charges in the Justice of the Peace Court.

  4. You have your date in Justice of the Peace Court.

  5. YOU LOSE. Justice of the Peace Judge gives you 5 days to vacate or file an appeal.

  6. You order your Eviction Appeal Forms and we E-file them for you. (e-file not available in all Texas Counties)

  7. The law states that during the pendency of your appeal, you must pay rent directly to the Court (not your landlord)

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Due to concerns over COVID-19, Evictionshield.com is now processing all Court documents online.  You simply order the documents you need to appeal your Judgment. Fill out our Registration Form and we will E-File your documents in the appropriate court.

*Disclaimer. EvictionShield.com and it's counselors, affiliated websites and agents are not attorneys. We cannot offer legal advice. Any information you obtain from this site, any of our affiliated sites or any of our counselors should  be deemed legal information - NOT legal advice. Only an attorney can offer legal advice. Any form produced on this site is not guaranteed to "perfect" your appeal or otherwise be applicable to your particular situation. If you have questions about any documents or information you obtain from this site, or our counselors, you should consult a licensed attorney.

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