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(281) 397-3703

We Stop All Evictions.

Get up to 120 days or more in your home or apartment.

We handle any notice.



  • 3 Day Notice

  • 5 Day Notice

  • 30 Day Notice

  • 24 Hour Notice

  • Writ of Possession

Unable to reach us by phone?  Drop us your email and phone and we'll get back to you ASAP.

     Stop EVICTION Texas.  Are you trying to stop an eviction notice or stop the eviction process altogether?  Knowing what to do, how to do it and when to do it can prove to be confusing and difficult.  Need time to move?  We'll help you slow down the eviction process so you can stack your cash and find another place to move.  We'll get you the time you need to find a new place or get caught up with your landlord.  We've stopped or stalled over 2500 evictions.
     We promise you'll sleep better knowing that your eviction notice and process are under control. Why carry the burden and stress of an eviction around with you everyday?  Let us handle the details and we'll get you the extra time you need!



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We have appearance attorneys in Dallas, Fort Worth and Houston to help with your eviction.  Stop Eviction Houston, Stop Eviction Dallas, Stop Eviction Fort Worth.

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