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    EvictionShield.com offers homeowners the opportunity to work with a team of legal professionals, attorneys, and various foreclosure defense experts. Our firm will help those in despair fight and postpone their foreclosure for up to 24 months or longer. We thrive on being able to help homeowners who have not been able to mediate with their lenders or service providers.

     We have implemented cutting-edge techniques to give homeowners or investors (owner or non-owner occupied properties) a powerful solution using every applicable law to stop sale dates without having to sell the property or file bankruptcy.  

     “Trustees” are appointed by the lenders to help with the process the foreclosure at a sale. During the Trustee or Sheriff Sale, the lenders use these appointed “Trustees” or law firms to send first a Notice of Default  (NOD) letter and then a Notice of Trustee's Sale  (NTS), which is all prior to the home being sold at an auction. Once the home goes to the public auction, two things can occur:
The home can be sold to an individual (a 3rd Party).
The bank can retake control of the home. In either scenario the home is lost to     foreclosure.
     The Trustees and/or law firms, if not following proper protocol can be held responsible or liable for illegally foreclosing on an individual. Our firm, using various Federal and State Foreclosure Laws, contacts the trustee and issues a pressing demand. We force them to substantiate and prove that the foreclosure proceedings are legal. During this time we will also perform an exhaustive inquiry into the loan and foreclosure history of your property.

     We use a process which is called a “notice of error”.  The Trustees do not want to be held responsible or liable for any type of infraction during the foreclosure auction date. Identifying these violations can force the Trustees to delay the sale. Our team of experts help to locate these violations and keep you in your home.

     Based on the extensive volume of existing foreclosure sales and our expertise we are confident that we can quite possibly postpone the sale date for many months, and often years at a time.

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